about b.shigley

Hello world! My name is Brandi Shigley and I’m a dreamer / doer. I started out my first business as a handbag designer way back in 1999. Little did I know that my little bag business would take me on quite the adventure, selling bags in boutiques in Paris, London, New York, Chicago, Denver and San Diego. At one time I had 3 sewers working under me and handbags were flying out of my studio faster than I could make them.

Flash forward to 13 years later!! Since then, I’ve started a company called Fashion Denver that supports local Colorado designers through fashion markets, fashion events, and business development. I’ve also started a small business development company called B.23 Productions. Needless to say, I’ve  drifted to the side of helping others start up their dreams but just last week (Thanksgiving week 2012) I was re inspired to start making handbags again.

I’m in the process of writing my first book and part of my book will be excerpts and scans from my journals from 1999 to now. The book is about my journey as an entrepreneur. In reviewing my journals and reading about my love of making handbags, I got excited to make bags again! So! Here I am. I’m taking things slow though and doing it just for fun as a creative outlet for me in between business consulting and writing a book.

I hope that you enjoy my bags that I’m making out of retirement :)

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