custom designs

There were several years where I was selling bags on my website, in boutiques all across the country, at trunk shows, and fashion markets. I took a bit of break to help others start up their businesses and now that I’m coming back to making bags, I realize that I want to focus on custom designs and one of a kind bags. Therefore! If you would like to ┬áhave me design a custom designed bag for your favorite Aunt or your best friend or your daughter or your boyfriend, get in touch with me!

You can write to me and give me an idea about what you are looking for OR you can schedule an appointment and come to my studio to pick out fabrics and we design the bag together. Either way, you are sure to get an original, one and only, b.shigley handbag!

Here are what others have said…

“I’m hooked@ Now I must have a b.shigley bag for every outfit. I searched all over Denver for one this week, but everyone else already bought them. Time for me to stock up too!”– Lori, York, PA

“Imagine being able to take the groovy, spunky fresh side of yourself and embodying it in a clothing accessory. That’s what Brandi has done. This girl is the cat’s meow and her handbags are shig0tastic!”– My cousin Josh Gann, Washington DC

“These bags are extemely cute and unique. Much better than the classics. Keep up the uniqueness!”– Lena, Houston, TX

“Love your site, love your energy, and so thrilled for all you’ve accomplished. You rock!”- Laura, New York, NY

“Brandi, my dear granddaughter… you are so creative and so much fun. Full of life and energy. Give me some! Love all of your handbags and you know… I bet even Queen Victoria would like one! I do know that I love mine. Go for your goal. Love you.”– Grandma Taff, Aurora, CO


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