Passport holder!

I’ve really been addicted to making things these past couple of days. After I spent some time cleaning up my mess from yesterday’s design tornado, I made my friend Sammy, fellow Filipino adoptee, a passport holder! This gives me some fun ideas for future ones too.


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Gia Metric

To close off my busy day of making bags, I made myself a little clutch with a gold O’Ring. This bag is the perfect size to fit my wallet, small journal, pen, pack of gum, and my favorite lip gloss. I’m excited to try it out! It was a new experiment sewing with the zipper positioned like this. I really like raw edges so I sewed the bag with the edges out instead of having them in (like I usually do).

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Scribbles Wallet

I love love love scribbling with my sewing machine. It’s so fun to just go crazy and let the stitches go wherever they chose! I made this wallet for my wonderful Daniel Sunshine’s little brother who is turning 19. I hope he likes it. It’s a little crazy, but hey! So am I!

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The Runaway Zebra

The husband and wife duo and owners of Rooster and Moon (they own it along with another couple) had me design a custom bag where she came to my studio and picked out her favorite fabrics. She’s a lawyer and wanted something a little bit wild yet practical. She chose this beautiful zebra upholstery fabric and wanted to pair it with red for the wild side. This bag is perfect to fit a laptop, books, and your daily necessities.

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Boyfriend Jeans!

Boyfriend jeans were a trend to wear and I’ve taken it to the next level by turning the boyfriend’s jeans into his girlfriend’s birthday handbag! I made this for my friend Marty. We know each other from high school and with the magic of the internet, have been reunited. His girlfriend is a fellow Filipino so I wanted to incorporate the Filipino flag. This bag is the perfect size to take to school, to work, or on a day of shopping at your favorite local boutiques. I’ve lined it with a beautiful vintage floral fabric so when turned inside out, is a completely different bag! I’m shipping this off to New Mexico on Monday!

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Mommy Daughter Bags!

I made this for a friend of mine who has the cutest daughter named River. Amanda wanted me to design them a matching set of “Mommy & Daughter” bags and this is what I came up with. Amanda’s bag is perfect to fit her laptop and work things in or go on a picnic and carry along her favorite bottle of wine, book, and a small little blanket. River’s bag is perfect to carry her favorite doll, crayons, and a little notebook. I had a blast making these!

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Custom Sadie Bag

This little reversible bag was made for one of the owner’s of 303 Software, my upstairs neighbor. His daughter is 3 and loves music and is also learning to spell. I wanted to put her name on the bag and since she loves the color pink and loves guitars, I thought this fabric would be perfect! I also made it a size that’s perfect for a 3-year old and can still be the perfect size bag as she gets older.

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Simple little pencil case or wallet

I love sewing with vinyl and I love sewing with a bright thread that really stands out on the vinyl. This is designed with off white vinyl and red thread with a little pocket  on the front and hot pink zipper. I gave it to my friend Deb at a little holiday soiree for a gift exchange.

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Daniel Sunshine’s old jeans

This is what happens when you take one of your favorite people in the entire world’s jeans and turn them into a handbag!

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A is for Amelia!

My little friend Amelia came to visit me and of course I had to make her a little bag to match her cuteness!

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